The Temporary Foundation Committee and the First Board of Directors conducted an extensive SWOT analysis of spine care in Saudi Arabia and identified the strategic priorities that the society must address in order to promote excellence in spine care. Input from the members came from online surveys, informal discussion, face to face meetings and a strategic planning workshop conducted the morning of the First General Assembly.


Our Strategic Objectives

  • Maintains a transparent governance model of the society with efficient management processes
  • Recruit, engage & continuously develop our members
  • Promotes the conduct of high quality research in the field of spine care
  • Advances the quality of evidence-based spine care provided in Saudi Arabia
  • Disseminates reliable health literacy regarding spinal disorders and treatments among the public


Our Strategic Plan

We have used the Balanced Scorecard methodology of strategic management to cascade the stated objectives to the respective committees, sections, taskforces and individuals. We are have more than 40 strategic initiatives and projects to achieve these objectives until 2020. We have identified measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be monitored and mitigated by our Projects Management Office (PMO). We will be reporting these KPIs publicly starting 2017.