1- Please download the Zoom Application to your computer.

2- Open the desktop Zoom application.

3- Create an account (free) if you don’t already have one https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting

4- Click on your profile picture or icon, then click Settings. Click Video. Make sure “Enable HD” is selected.

5- Initiate a Test Call to quality check your microphone and speaker connections at https://zoom.us/test.

6- Please close all programs on your computer with the exception of the virtual meeting & PowerPoint.

7- Share your screen then press start recording.

8- Upon completion, press stop recording. Upon completion of the recording will automatically start saving.

9- Once the saving is complete, you save it onto your desktop as a video file with the YOUR name & DATE (day_month) of presentation eg  Bilal 29_10. If you have more than one presentation, please save as A and B eg Bilal 29_10A.

10- Please send the video through We-transfer or Google Drive to uma.chandran@kr.net.sa

11-Please use the attached power point template to add your presentation , Click Here to Download the File.

12-The deadline of submission of your presentation is 15th October 2020